Business Goals

Curate Farfetch's luxury market of designer items by travel destination in order to convert newsletter readers into Farfetch customers.

Design Goals

Use idyllic photography and animation to spark aspiration and desire for the travel locations and Farfetch's designer items. Present a lot of products and editorial information in a confined area.

Usability Goals

Create an organized layout that makes the newsletter easy to read on both desktop and mobile devices.

Skill Set Spotlight

Problem Solving

This Farfetch-sponsored email newsletter needed to entice Lifestyle Mirror readers to click-through and shop at A simple ad wouldn't be enough. Instead, I conceptualized and executed an animated newsletter that used a creative editorial layout to encourage users to read through the whole layout and click through to the Farfetch e-commerce site.

Animated GIF Creation

The animated GIF technique adds some special sauce to the design. Not only does the animation catch a reader's eye, it also allows more content in a small area.


Since there are many constraints when building an email newsletter, an interesting and organized layout is necessary to keep readers engaged. I encouraged scrolling through the design by running the main text from the top to the bottom of the newsletter. This forces the user to read through all of the content, which increases the opportunity for conversion.

Final Animated Product

This animated Farfetch newsletter features editorial and shoppable content. View animated GIF below.

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