Business Goals

Send traffic from the Lifestyle Mirror site to the Hublot e-commerce site.

Design Goals

Bridge the idealistic luxury lifestyle with the reality of purchasing a high-quality Hublot watch online. Represent Hublot's bold and masculine brand.

Usability Goals

Build a design that is easy to understand, engage with, and exit.

Skill Set Spotlight


The animated interstitial needed to represent the luxurious and strong personality of the watch brand. Through large background images, dark colors, and metal-inspired details, the masculine, high-end brand was represented from the animation's start to finish.

Impactful Simplicity

The concept of the animated ad is pretty simpleā€”an illustrated clock evolves into a Hublot watch image. While the concept is simple, the colors and graphic choices make the animation stand out.

Industry Tool Proficiency

This prototype was built with Google Web Designer, a fairly new interface tool used to build digital ads. I'm always looking for the latest tools to bring designs alive.

Final Product Animation & Screenshots

View the animation and some screenshots below or view the live prototype here.

Animation State 1

Animation State 2

Animation State 3

Animation State 4

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