Business Goals

Use editorial content to encourage readers to shop at Neiman Marcus for their child and mom needs

Design Goals

Uses charismatic snapshots of the mom and child to create the feel of an aspirational lifestyle.

Usability Goals

Create an organized layout that makes the newsletter easy to read on both desktop and mobile devices.

Skill Set Spotlight


An organized yet interesting template was needed to encourage Elizabeth Street readers to engage with this Neiman Marcus newsletter. Since there was a lot of content, the text and photos needed to be strategically placed for optimal flow and engagement.

Email Constraints

Flexibility is lacking when it comes to building an email newsletter. Visual design techniques such as shape, color, and hierarchy were needed to keep the design creative and interesting.

Asset Constraints

The images used in the design were not from professional photographers, but from the moms featured in the content. Since they weren't the highest quality, layout and photo editing techniques were necessary to bring the final product up to professional standards.

Final Product Screenshots

This Neiman Marcus newsletter template series features editorial and shoppable content. View screenshots below.

Newsletter Design 1

Newsletter Design 2

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