Business Goals

Increase brand awareness and visits to bakeries in the Syracuse, NY area.

Design Goals

Use whimsical imagery and typography to create a fun and mouth-watering digital experience that embodies the warm and welcoming feeling.

Usability Goals

Develop a responsive site structure that is easy to navigate, especially when traveling the bakery tour on-the-go.

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Skill Set Spotlight

Brand Identity

I developed the Syracuse Bakery Tour brand identity from scratch. I merged the personalities of the Syracuse bakeries with the fun feel of a tour or road trip, to create a unique brand identity that represented the site's content and engaged site visitors.


This is a personal project I created during the early days of responsive design. I wanted to try out the technique myself and decided to use my favorite subject matter for the test project—food.

Responsive Design

The content of the site is fully responsive to tablet and mobile devices. This way, you can still find the right bakery for your current craving while on-the-go.

Site Map

The Syracuse Bakery Tour is a one-page website that includes five different sections: Bread, Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, and Everything. Each section features three different bakeries. Each bakery has their own link which takes the user to a comprehesive Google Map of the entire bakery tour.

Bakery Tour on Google Maps

Final Product Screenshots

Syracuse Bakery Tour is a one-page website that uses nontraditional navigation to explore the site's bakery content. View some screenshots below or interact with the live site here:

Home View

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Creative Navigation View

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Section Image Heading: Bread

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Section Content: Bread Bakery Links

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Section Image Heading: Cakes

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Section Content: Cakes Bakery Links, Link Hover

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Links take you to the tour on Google Maps

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